BakFlip CS Tonneau Cover

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If you have a truck, adding a tonneau cover to your bed is a no-brainer.  Truck drivers haul anything and everything from a load of groceries to a bed of lumber.  A tonneau cover protects your cargo from the blowing wind of road driving and the relentless  demands of wet weather. 

Tonneau covers keep your cargo out of sight from potential theft.  They provide an immediate improvement in gas mileage with tight aerodynamic materials, covering your otherwise drag prone open bed.  Tonneau covers can save you anywhere from 5-10% in fuel economy. 

The BakFlip CS is the newest generation of the original hard, folding multi-panel tonneau covers.  Whether your use of the BakFlip CS is for sport, recreation or work, combining the  heavy duty BakFlip tonneau cover with a sliding ladder rack combination solves any situation.  The BakFlip tonneau cover with rack system integrates an elegant 500 lbs sliding ladder rack and a BakFlip truck bed cover into one outstanding  product.  The BakFlip CS cover folds all the way forward up against the truck’s rear cab giving you access to all of your truck bed without having to remove  the cover.  The BakFlip is also removable with 2 fastening knobs and weighs only 40 lbs. Features an integrated adjustable & removable truck rack built into the BakFlip CS tonneau cover.

The BakFlip uses a tough textured aluminum paneled surface for all flat panel surfaces above and below the cover.  This incredibly durable panel has a double coat of  epoxy primer that is baked on at 460 degrees.  Once the primer has set,  a tough and scratch resistant polyester based coating is used as the final finishing coat.  The coating process ensures that the cover is both scratch and UV resistant.  It has a expandable polystyrene panel core and aircraft grade aluminum panel frames.  Textured finish.  It’s rated at 300 lbs if evenly distributed. 

Locking arms that replace hydraulic struts allow you to travel with the cover fully open without any additional support.  Pre-installed hook loops allow you to travel with the cover partially open as well.

It has intermittent locking positions, and an integrated drainage system builit into the rails.  Allows full access to stake pockets, and work with 5th wheel  hitches.

Designed to meet the needs of a hard locking cover and practical contractor rack combo,  BAK Industries believes that just because a truck is used for work, doesn’t mean it should look like a work truck. It is possible to elegantly craft rugged and strong products and still maintain a clean look of style. BAK endeavors  to produce products that are not only functional, but made to match OE lines and existing accents on your  pickup truck. All BAK products speak for themselves in terms of quality and appearance. Check out the BakFlip CS at

  • Rack & Hard Cover Combo: Designed to meet the needs of a hard locking cover and practical contractor rack combo. Featuring an integrated adjustable & removable truck rack built into the BakFlip G2 tonneau cover. Rack is made from Solid Steel uprights and aluminum cross members.
  • Complete BakFlip G2 Cover/Rack System: The Bak Flip G2 is a hard multi-panel truck bed cover.
  • Features of the G2 Bakflip tonno are: New Design-2nd Generation
  • 4 Panel System–Extremely Low Profile
  • Full 100% Truck Bed Access
  • Fast Install & Quick Removal
  • UV Protected
  • 500 LB Rack Capacity: Rack handles 500 lbs of weight. Add uprights and cross members for additional weight capabilities.
  • Sliding Tie Downs: Sliding tie-downs conveniently shift for optimum load handling.
  • Rack Removes In Seconds: Racks slide to front of truck bed or remove in seconds for a clean, stealth appearance.Cover is impact resistant and handles extreme weather conditions.
  • Cover & Rack Remove Independently:
  • Easy Removal: The cover and rack remove independently, so you can use one or the other or both. It’s your choice.
  • BAK Warranty: Made in USA and Featuring a full 2 year factory warranty.

Aries Automotive Grille Guard

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Not only make your truck, SUV or Jeep look good, but protect it with a grille guard by Aries Automotive

Aries Automotive hit the road running in 1997.  They have since become
an industry leader in providing the latest truck, SUV, CUV, and Mini Models
with unparalleled tubular steel used in grille guards. 

Are you familiar with grille guards?  Did you know that some people refer them to as “cow or deer catchers”?  Did you know that these devices offer great protection for your vehicle, especially for off road use and/or construction sites?  So protect your front end in style! 

Aries grille guards are formed by tubular steel.  The front end of the truck is very much protected by having a grille guard installed.  The grille guard offers protection for the factory/OEM grille itself and anything else behind the grille such as the radiator and engine.   So when you hit something like a cow, deer or a car in a parking lot, your front end is protected.  The only thing you need to replace is the grille guard, and many times you don’t even have to replace it - it’s that strong!  You can match your grille guard to your other vehicle accessories by selecting a polished stainless steel or black powder coated finish grille guard. 

Aries Automotive offers two different styles of grille guards:   the One Piece Grille Guard or the Modular Grille Guard (3-piece).  

The one-piece Grille Guard by Aries Automotive is constructed of heavy wall 1 1/2” steel tubing.  The grille guard is custom designed to enhance the lines of your truck or SUV. The center push bar has two thick rubber bumper pads to protect your factory/OEM grille. The brush guards extend over the headlights of the vehicle to offer additional protection, but the cages are removable to allow easy access to your headlights.  The grille guard is pre-drilled with holes to mount fog or driving lights which are sold separately.  The Aries Automotive grille guard bolts directly to your vehicle’s frame so “no drilling” is required.  Like stated before there are two available finishes – Polished Stainless Steel which carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and Black Powder coated which carries a 3 Year Warranty. 

The other style is the Aries Modular Grille Guard with a dual wing plated construction for maximum strength.  It too is frame mounted and requires no drilling.  Easy to install and with a 3-piece knock down design that allows it to ship via FedEx/UPS, but doesn’t compromise the integrity of the guard!  It comes in a sleek black powder coated or stainless steel finish and is contoured to fit the front end of your vehicle.  Pre-drilled holes make it easy to install a set of fog or driving lights (sold separately) to further customize your ride.  And like the one piece grille guard, heavy-duty rubber strips on the center pillar provide extra protection.  You can’t go wrong with this affordable grille guard….same solid construction as the One Piece, but at a fraction of the cost. 

So as you are driving down the road and you see a deer or cow on the side of the road tell yourself, “I really need to get an Aries Automotive Grille Guard

NEW Dee Zee Poly Storage Chests

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Want a tough tool/storage chest that can withstand the elements and NOT warp in the hot summer sun? Dee Zee created it, and Truck Stuff USA has it!

Constructed of strong yet lightweight plastic, the Dee Zee Poly Storage Chest line is built to add quick storage wherever you need it—in your truck, trailer, boat, dorm room, garage, barn, workshop or anywhere else you can use storage!

A thick foam gasket around the lid helps makes this box weather resistant. The rigid frame resists warping, and the double-walled lid makes it extra strong. Molded locking tabs on lid accept your pad lock for extra security (pad locks not included). Two molded cup holders on the lid provide added convenience and the classic diamond-tread pattern is just one more added feature. All this AND backed by Dee Zee’s Limited Lifetime Warranty! You can’t go wrong.

Sizes to choose from:

  • Dee Zee Medium Poly Storage Chest – Length: 35”, Width: 14”, Height: 13”, Volume: 3.6 cu ft
  • Dee Zee Large Poly Storage Chest – Length: 40”, Width: 27”, Height: 20”, Volume: 12.5 cu ft
  • Dee Zee Poly Trailer Tongue Box – Length-Back: 36”, Length-Front: 18.25”, Width: 18.75”, Height: 18”

Order from Truck Stuff USA and receive FREE SHIPPING!


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Free Tailgate Seal with a purchase of ANY AgriCover Tonneau Cover through June 30th, 2010.

 AgriCover, the leader in Roll-Up Tonneau covers, is now making you an offer you just can’t refuse—a FREE TrailSeal tailgate seal with ANY purchase of one of their great lines of tonneau covers – ACCESS ORIGINAL TONNEAU COVERLORADO, VANISH , TONNO SPORT and the economical LITE RIDER, just to name a few.

There are many great reasons to add a tonneau cover to your truck, but two great reasons are PROTECTION and GAS SAVINGS.  All AgriCover tonneau covers automatically lock into place with their AutoLatch system when they’re closed.  They also have a patented slide lock that offers additional locked protection for your cover.  You simply push to lock and pull to unlock.  It works great with a locked tailgate to give you ultimate truck bed protection. 

For gas savings, the AgriCover tonneau cover can’t be beat!  Here’s some recent data on the gas savings from the SEMA Research and Information Center:  According to a study conducted by Western New England College’s Department of Mechanical Engineers, “The best way to reduce drag, and thereby improve fuel efficiency for pickup trucks, is to add a tonneau cover.” Their study yielded gas mileage savings of 8% by adding a tonneau cover to your truck!!!

Not only are you protecting your valuables underneath the tonneau cover, but you are improving your overall gas mileage and ride. And again, for a limited time, you can get a FREE tailgate seal with your purchase of any AgriCover tonneau order.  The addition of the TrailSeal tailgate seal will create an airtight compartment to keep all the items you haul safe and dry.  

Time is running out though—get your order in by June 30th 2010 to take advantage of this great deal! As always, FREE SHIPPING on your AgriCover tonneau cover order!


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Want a nice accessory, with functionality AND an inexpensive price tag? Try a Rear Bumper Guard. I had never thought to add such a thing to my brand new Honda Pilot, but when just mere days after leaving the car lot with it, I exited a store and noticed someone had backed up into my bumper, leaving scratches along the nicely painted bumper I ONCE HAD. Did someone leave a note to inform me that they had bumped my car?  Of course not! I was livid!

 I searched online for something to add to the rear end of my vehicle that would protect me from these bumps from careless drivers, and found Rear Bumpers Guards that were not much over $200.00—something I could actually afford. I thought on it for a few days and went to a Body Shop to see how much it would cost to actually just repair the bumper and hope it would never happen again. Well, turns out, my nice, silver paint job was the hardest to repair due to the shiny flecks of paint that the color silver holds. I got the bad news….$700.00 to take the bumper off, sand it down completely and re-paint the bumper. I was beside myself that a mere bump to the back of my new car was going to cost me $700.00 to fix it like new, even when it was only 10 days old. I just couldn’t afford it. A couple of weeks pass, and low and behold, it happens again??! I came out of the grocery store and there was someone’s nice black paint across my bumper, along with a dent. That was it—I went back to the internet for the original solution. I purchased a nice Rear Bumper Guard by Black Horse Off Road, and it arrived 6 days later. My husband attached it in about 30 minutes and we were set. I looked at it for a bit and realized I actually LIKED it; I liked the way it looked. It gave me an “off road” look, covered the scratches, and I only spent about $200.00??!! Why didn’t I do this BEFORE the first accident?

It’s been 3 years and the Rear Bumper Guard is holding strong. I have even noticed another little scratch on this Bumper Guard, where someone ELSE had bumped my car from behind. The only difference was that I was able to remove the streaks of paint from the bumper guard—it had done its job and then some! I also get compliments on it, and asked where I purchased it from. I got it from and was pleased not only with the item, but with the service from this company! I consider myself a happy shopper and will probably add one of the Front Bumper Guards as well, seeing as the Rear Bumper Guard has done its job so well.


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I bought my daughter a truck bed mat for her 1999 Ford Ranger. Bed mats are custom made for most trucks and ours fit perfectly.  It is made of high grade, thick rubber.  We’ve had it for about a year now and it shows no signs of wear.  It has born up just fine under the Texas heat.  Because of the knobby underside, you don’t have to worry about rust or mildew.   

We bought it to protect the finish on the bed of the truck.  And it has done that fabulously.  The mat arrived on our front porch in a tight roll covered in bubble wrap.  It was so easy to install I did it without assistance from my husband.  I just had to throw it into the bed of the truck and flatten it out.  Not only does it protect the finish but it does add to the look of the truck.  It has a raised border around the edge that makes it look custom. 

Now we can haul all sorts of things – furniture, trash, plants, lumber, in the truck and not worry about damaging the finish. 

The fun part of all this is that now my daughter’s college friends all want to ride around in the bed of her truck.  So she can take a lot more people with her while driving around campus. 

Purchasing a truck bed mat has proved to be a very good and inexpensive way to protect and enhance the look of our truck.


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Whether you’re buying floor mats or floor liners for a new vehicle or updating an old one, there is a big difference in these two items.  Knowing this difference will help you decide which item will best suit your needs.

Floors mats are usually an additional accessory that you have to purchase from the dealer.  Most dealer floor mats are carpet, which may look nice but isn’t very practical.  A nice, heavy duty rubber floor mat can be purchased (usually in the same color as your vehicle’s carpet) for almost any vehicle on the market today.  A good quality rubber floor mat will have a raised edge that catches liquid that is spilled and contain it inside the floor mat so it doesn’t stain your carpet.  A good rubber floor mat will also have ridges that help scrape dirt and debris from the bottom of your shoe.  It will also be easy to remove, so you can dump the liquid or dirt from the floor mats and keep it from the inside of your vehicle.  Most floor mats can be rinsed clean quickly and easily with a water hose.  They should also lay flat on the floor of your vehicle, and not interfere with your gas pedal.  Some floor mats have a small opening that can hook onto a tab on the vehicle floor to help hold it in place.  Most floor mats are a universal fit, meaning one type of floor mat can fit many different vehicles.  They’re usually thin and flexible, and are easily removed. 

Floor liners are quite different than floor mats.  Floor liners have a raised edge that is usually 2-3 inches high.  A floor liner is contoured to fit the exact outline of your vehicle’s interior and should fit snugly against the edge of the door sill.  Floor liners usually cover almost the entire surface of a vehicle’s interior, providing complete protection for your carpet.  A floor liner usually has channels to move any spilled liquid to the center or sides of the liner, and hold it in place so it doesn’t leak out onto the carpet (some even will hold a Big Gulp amount of liquid!).  They are usually made of durable plastic or rubber and come in colors that will complement most vehicle interiors.  Many floor liners for the back seat area of a vehicle are large, one-piece liners that cover even the “hump” of the rear floor board.  You can also buy floor liners that are two pieces for the rear seat area.  A floor liner can be somewhat more difficult to remove once they’re in place, but they can keep your vehicle’s carpet in show-room condition.  They are great if you have kids or pets in your car frequently.

Purchasing a high quality set of floor mats or floor liners can increase the value of your vehicle when it’s time to trade it in.  They keep the interior of your vehicle clean and show pride of ownership.