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Whatever vehicle you have, Bushwacker has a fender flare for you.  Bushwacker makes some of the best flares on the market today.  With Bushwacker Fender Flares, you get 5 great options and looks.  Here are the styles to choose from:

Cut-Out Fender Flares allow you to “cut open” the wheel well to accomodate larger wheel and tire packages, giving you a bold look and aggressive style.   

Pocket Style Fender Flares give you the bold look of pockets without cutting or drilling your vehicle. This exclusive line of flares installs using existing factory holes and gives the look of being bolted onto the vehicle. This flare provides 1” to 2” of tire coverage measured from the top-dead-center of wheel well sheet metal, depending on model.

Extend-A-Fender is a very popular flare. They blend with the lines of your vehicle for a terrific look that’s bold enough to turn heads, yet trim enough to go anywhere. With 1 – 3 inches of coverage, depending on make and model, this  flare gives you added protection from the elements, and an exciting look at the same time.  

OEM style fender flares provide additional tire coverage, helping to keep mud and road debris off the vehicle.  This popular concept is used for a variety of reasons and on a host of applications. These fender flares have custom molded attachments that mount securely into the wheel well openings of trucks and SUVs.

Street Flares were designed to add body style, while offering minimal coverage, giving your vehicle that custom limited edition look at a fraction of the cost. The tasteful, low-profile styling of these flares make them a perfect match for factory tire and wheel packages. With their unique design, they are a snap to install. The matte black finish is stunning as is – or paint it to blend with any color scheme. Street Flares extend your fender 1/2″ inches.

Bushwacker offers more than 400 different applications for worldwide distribution.  Fender flares offer a unique opportunity for individuals to customize their vehicle while not going to the expense of actual body side modifications.  Adding style to your ride has never been easier, thanks to Bushwacker!


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Want to add a touch of elegance to your car, truck or SUV, while allowing some fresh air into your vehicle on a rainy day?  Try a Window Visor!

Window Visors, which are also referred to as Rain Guards, Weather Guards, and Window Deflectors, have come a long way since they first hit the market with their “tape-on” design to the outer window channel. (These designs are somewhat notorious for falling off after a year or two)  Putco’s Element Chrome Window Visors do not tape on to the outside of your window, they actually fit IN your window channel….just “pop” them into place and you’re all set. They’re nice and secure in the window channel, so you never have to worry about them falling off on a windy day as you’re driving down the interstate.

The Element Chrome Window Visors are made from automobile grade ABS plastic and feature a triple chrome plated finish for a sleek look. They are also an injection-molded design for a precise fit to your vehicle.  They are virtually unbreakable and are made to perfectly match OEM chrome. What’s more is the Limited Lifetime Warranty that Putco backs them with. You can’t go wrong with that.

If you like the dark “smoke” look, Putco also has a Tinted Element Window Visor.  Like the Element Chrome visor, it is also made of injection-molded ABS plastic, and features a beaded edge to move moisture away from your window.  Both window visors are custom-made to fit specific vehicles, to ensure a perfect fit every time.  Each style comes in a 2 piece or 4 piece set.

Not only do they have great features and a great warranty….the price cannot be beat. Pick a set up today as a gift for that “hard to buy for” friend or family member.  Or better yet, pick up a set for yourself– you’ll be glad you did.


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Customize the front end of your truck or SUV with a Putco Billet Grille!

Founded in 1975, Putco entered the after-market accessory industry with the very first running board patent in the United States. They have grown to become the leader in top-of-the-line automotive accessories. Their goal is to provide customers with a unique product of extremely high quality and craftsmanship. Putco’s lifetime warranty on most of its products is unmatched in the industry.

Because of their reputation, Truck Stuff USA has been selling Putco products since we began business. The feedback we get from our customers is nothing less than outstanding. Putco’s Stainless Steel line is the creme-de-la-creme of truck accessories. We highly recommend Putco Billet Grilles to any customer wanting the very best in front end accessories.

Putco Billet Grilles are a heavy-gauge design, and all the hardware and brackets are made from mirror-polished “NeverRust” stainless steel which will not rust, even in the harshest weather conditions!

Adding a new billet grille will improve the look of your truck or SUV, and can make an older model vehicle look brand new.  Choose from various styles and materials.  They come in polished or brushed aluminum or stainless steel grills.  Putco has more than thirteen designs and patterns to choose from, such as the traditional Shadow or Liquid grill insets to the more cutting edge Punch grilles or Flame grilles, and the very unique Designer FX inserts.

Putco Billet Grilles install in just minutes, with NO DRILLING or NO CUTTING!  All of the grilles are so easy to install.  They either bolt over your existing grille in minutes or bolt on to replace your existing grille.  Many of our customers have purchased more than one to change the look of their truck or SUV in a flash.

So check out a Putco Billet Grille for your existing or new truck!


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You bought your truck for several reasons, but one main reason consumers buy trucks these days is for the storage bed area. You have all this area to haul things in now, but how do you keep them safe and organized?  Try a crossover tool box to keep those tools and other items locked up and ready to be used at a moment’s notice. 

Not sure which brand you can trust to house your tools, but can withstand the elements, AND be guaranteed to look brand new after years of use? Look no more, as Delta  makes a great line of Crossover Tool Boxes that virtually fit any truck bed on the market today. Delta evolved nearly 45 years ago, and has become the leader in truck storage solutions. Their name is synonymous with Truck Tool Boxes, and whenever a customer asks, “who makes the best truck tool box out there”, the answer is always Delta Storage.

 They offer the largest selection of truck tool boxes on the market, and have several “grades” of Crossover Tool Boxes to choose from. Whether you are on a budget, but still need a good, solid tool box, or whether you need the strength and durability of a “Commercial Grade” tool box, Delta Storage has the answer. Here’s more information on their line-up of Crossover Tool Boxes they offer:

DELTA: (Good) A great toolbox for the price! Featuring Adjustable Lid Strikers and Reinforced Beveled Edge Lids.

DELTA CHAMPION: (Better) Delta CHAMPION Truck Boxes are the standard in rugged, weather-resistant truck boxes. These boxes feature the RSL Lid Design which has an outer shell, an insulating middle layer and a unique reverse beveled edge lid liner. The combination of these three layers creates the strongest, most rigid aluminum lid in its class. To match the strength of the RSL Lid, Delta CHAMPION features a high-strength body with wider top rails. And, new heavy-duty, adjustable lid strikers hold the RSL Lid down tighter. Delta CHAMPION boxes are covered by a One-Year Limited Warranty

 DELTA PRO: (Best) Features their Gear-Lock Self-Adjusting Rotary Lock System with heavily-reinforced RSL lids and high-strength body that will resist over 1,000 pounds of prying force to break in. The line is backed by a 3 year warranty.

DELTA JOBOX: (Commercial Grade) Delta’s premium, Commercial-grade line that features Gear-Lock II Self-Adjusting Dual Rotary Twin Cam Lock System and Site Vault Security System and comes with a lift-out tool tray for added convenience.

Versatility should be Delta’s middle name—they have Single Lid Tool Boxes, Gull Wing Lids, Rear-Hinged Dual Lids, and Mid-Lids to choose from.

 Are you looking for a Steel Crossover? Delta has that too. Or do you prefer an Aluminum tool box that is built to withstand the elements? They offer that too. Try a Bright-Tread Aluminum or the ever popular Black-Tread Aluminum. Whatever the preference is, Delta Storage has you covered. Get one today!


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Next to purchasing a home, a vehicle can be one of your biggest investments.  And with the price of new vehicles on the rise, it only makes sense to keep your investment in tip-top condition.  One way you can do that is buy purchasing a set of Coverking Custom Seat Covers

Coverking Custom Seat Covers are manufactured in California by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable environment. Far from a “sweatshop”, Coverking offers their employees  medical insurance, ample opportunities for advancement, and more than a livable wage.  This keeps turnover low and quality high.  Coverking uses technology and automation to keep prices down, quality up and employee morale high. 

A heavily computerized production area optimizes every operation and results in superior quality. Coverking Custom Seat Covers are made to install easily and fit perfectly by using appropriate stitching machines, hooks, elastic and other tools to do the job right. No shortcuts are taken by trying to use only one kind of sewing operation, or skimping on attachments.  A set of Coverking Custom Seat Covers includes everything you need to completely cover the interior of your car.  For instance, if you purchase a set of front seat covers, you will typically receive covers for the front bucket (or bench) seat, head rests, arm rests, console and map pockets.  Coverking now produces seat covers for some vehicles that have side air bags.  You can also purchase matching seat covers for the rear seats of your vehicle.  You can also add a logo on many of the seat covers for a nominal fee.

Coverking is also certified  QS-9000 and TS16949 for quality standards.  This means you can be certain that your Coverking Custom Seat Covers will fit perfectly for your vehicle.  Since many seats have reclining, folding and removal features, Coverking Custom Seat Covers are designed to allow you full use of your seats.  And Coverking never uses seconds, scraps or pieces together fabric to make your set of seat covers.  They have a strict quality control process to ensure that your custom seat covers are top quality and that the fabric resists fading and wear, and that they’re flame resistant.

There are many types of fabric available for your custom seat covers, as well as many different colors and combinations.  You can truly personalize your vehicle and protect your original upholstery from damage by purchasing a set of Coverking Custom Seat Covers.