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If you have a truck, adding a tonneau cover to your bed is a no-brainer.  Truck drivers haul anything and everything from a load of groceries to a bed of lumber.  A tonneau cover protects your cargo from the blowing wind of road driving and the relentless  demands of wet weather. 

Tonneau covers keep your cargo out of sight from potential theft.  They provide an immediate improvement in gas mileage with tight aerodynamic materials, covering your otherwise drag prone open bed.  Tonneau covers can save you anywhere from 5-10% in fuel economy. 

The BakFlip CS is the newest generation of the original hard, folding multi-panel tonneau covers.  Whether your use of the BakFlip CS is for sport, recreation or work, combining the  heavy duty BakFlip tonneau cover with a sliding ladder rack combination solves any situation.  The BakFlip tonneau cover with rack system integrates an elegant 500 lbs sliding ladder rack and a BakFlip truck bed cover into one outstanding  product.  The BakFlip CS cover folds all the way forward up against the truck’s rear cab giving you access to all of your truck bed without having to remove  the cover.  The BakFlip is also removable with 2 fastening knobs and weighs only 40 lbs. Features an integrated adjustable & removable truck rack built into the BakFlip CS tonneau cover.

The BakFlip uses a tough textured aluminum paneled surface for all flat panel surfaces above and below the cover.  This incredibly durable panel has a double coat of  epoxy primer that is baked on at 460 degrees.  Once the primer has set,  a tough and scratch resistant polyester based coating is used as the final finishing coat.  The coating process ensures that the cover is both scratch and UV resistant.  It has a expandable polystyrene panel core and aircraft grade aluminum panel frames.  Textured finish.  It’s rated at 300 lbs if evenly distributed. 

Locking arms that replace hydraulic struts allow you to travel with the cover fully open without any additional support.  Pre-installed hook loops allow you to travel with the cover partially open as well.

It has intermittent locking positions, and an integrated drainage system builit into the rails.  Allows full access to stake pockets, and work with 5th wheel  hitches.

Designed to meet the needs of a hard locking cover and practical contractor rack combo,  BAK Industries believes that just because a truck is used for work, doesn’t mean it should look like a work truck. It is possible to elegantly craft rugged and strong products and still maintain a clean look of style. BAK endeavors  to produce products that are not only functional, but made to match OE lines and existing accents on your  pickup truck. All BAK products speak for themselves in terms of quality and appearance. Check out the BakFlip CS at

  • Rack & Hard Cover Combo: Designed to meet the needs of a hard locking cover and practical contractor rack combo. Featuring an integrated adjustable & removable truck rack built into the BakFlip G2 tonneau cover. Rack is made from Solid Steel uprights and aluminum cross members.
  • Complete BakFlip G2 Cover/Rack System: The Bak Flip G2 is a hard multi-panel truck bed cover.
  • Features of the G2 Bakflip tonno are: New Design-2nd Generation
  • 4 Panel System–Extremely Low Profile
  • Full 100% Truck Bed Access
  • Fast Install & Quick Removal
  • UV Protected
  • 500 LB Rack Capacity: Rack handles 500 lbs of weight. Add uprights and cross members for additional weight capabilities.
  • Sliding Tie Downs: Sliding tie-downs conveniently shift for optimum load handling.
  • Rack Removes In Seconds: Racks slide to front of truck bed or remove in seconds for a clean, stealth appearance.Cover is impact resistant and handles extreme weather conditions.
  • Cover & Rack Remove Independently:
  • Easy Removal: The cover and rack remove independently, so you can use one or the other or both. It’s your choice.
  • BAK Warranty: Made in USA and Featuring a full 2 year factory warranty.

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