WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mats

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As fall comes to an end, it’s time to think about getting our vehicles ready for winter.  Winter brings rain, snow and dirt, which is easily tracked into your vehicle’s interior.  This can ruin the carpet in your vehicle.  One way to protect your vehicle’s interior is with WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mats.

WeatherTech’s classic premium rubber floor mats are made out of an odorless rubber compound and have deeply sculpted channels designed to trap water, road salt, mud and dirt.  Each rubber mat has a reservoir that holds in dirt and liquid, keeping it off your interior carpet.  The ribbed design of  WeatherTech’s all-weather floor mats also help scrape dirt and mud from the bottom of your shoes.  They are easily removed to empty out any dirt or liquid collected in the reservoir.  They also come with a protective, non-stick finish, so a quick rinse with the water hose keeps them looking brand new.

The bottom of each all-weather mat has nibs and anti-skid ridges to hold the floor mat in place and keep it from shifting or sliding in your vehicle.  And it’s proprietary resin components keep it from curling, cracking or hardening, even in sub zero temperatures. 

WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mats come in Black, Tan or Gray and work with virtually any vehicle interior.  They also have a floor mat to fit almost any vehicle on the road today.   Some mats are a custom fit, while some mats will require slight trimming along pre-marked ridges for a perfect fit. 

WeatherTech also makes a full line of floor liners, cargo liners, mud flaps, and window guards to completely protect any area of your vehicle. 

All WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, with American made tooling.  You can be sure that you are buying the finest products on the market today for your vehicle whenyou purchase a WeatherTech product!

Deep Tray Floor Liners by Husky Liners

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Do you hate a dirty car or truck?  I do.  I have the perfect solution – the Custom Fit Deep Tray Floor Liners By Husky Liners.

Available for the front, second/back and third seat. Also available are center hump and rear cargo mats. The colors are tan, black, and gray.

What I love about these liners is that they are perfect for SUVs, cars, minivans, or pick ups . Custom designed for every application to ensure a perfect fit every time.

 Made out of rubberized thermo-plastic material, these liners will protect your precious factory carpet from mud, dirt and everything else.

Husky liners provide year round carpet protection and are available for virtually all of today’s top-selling  vehicles . The Heavy Duty floor mats are vehicle specific and have features you will not find on ordinary run of the mill universal flat floor mats.

An extra thick drivers heel pad provide years of life while the high perimeter ridges contain spills and debris. Raised ridges keep your feet out of water, mud, and dirt.

The material is guaranteed not to crack or break even in the most extreme conditions.

What I really love about the heavy duty mat is that they are easy to clean feature stay-put nibs on the reverse side to keep the mat in place, which is so important and safe while driving.

These liners are so much better than the flimsy rubber ones, where you can get your foot stuck, or carpet mats which I find hard to clean. If you live in an area where there is snow, you will love the liners.  Like Husky says “They really do fit like a glove”.  Try a set today!


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Whether you’re buying floor mats or floor liners for a new vehicle or updating an old one, there is a big difference in these two items.  Knowing this difference will help you decide which item will best suit your needs.

Floors mats are usually an additional accessory that you have to purchase from the dealer.  Most dealer floor mats are carpet, which may look nice but isn’t very practical.  A nice, heavy duty rubber floor mat can be purchased (usually in the same color as your vehicle’s carpet) for almost any vehicle on the market today.  A good quality rubber floor mat will have a raised edge that catches liquid that is spilled and contain it inside the floor mat so it doesn’t stain your carpet.  A good rubber floor mat will also have ridges that help scrape dirt and debris from the bottom of your shoe.  It will also be easy to remove, so you can dump the liquid or dirt from the floor mats and keep it from the inside of your vehicle.  Most floor mats can be rinsed clean quickly and easily with a water hose.  They should also lay flat on the floor of your vehicle, and not interfere with your gas pedal.  Some floor mats have a small opening that can hook onto a tab on the vehicle floor to help hold it in place.  Most floor mats are a universal fit, meaning one type of floor mat can fit many different vehicles.  They’re usually thin and flexible, and are easily removed. 

Floor liners are quite different than floor mats.  Floor liners have a raised edge that is usually 2-3 inches high.  A floor liner is contoured to fit the exact outline of your vehicle’s interior and should fit snugly against the edge of the door sill.  Floor liners usually cover almost the entire surface of a vehicle’s interior, providing complete protection for your carpet.  A floor liner usually has channels to move any spilled liquid to the center or sides of the liner, and hold it in place so it doesn’t leak out onto the carpet (some even will hold a Big Gulp amount of liquid!).  They are usually made of durable plastic or rubber and come in colors that will complement most vehicle interiors.  Many floor liners for the back seat area of a vehicle are large, one-piece liners that cover even the “hump” of the rear floor board.  You can also buy floor liners that are two pieces for the rear seat area.  A floor liner can be somewhat more difficult to remove once they’re in place, but they can keep your vehicle’s carpet in show-room condition.  They are great if you have kids or pets in your car frequently.

Purchasing a high quality set of floor mats or floor liners can increase the value of your vehicle when it’s time to trade it in.  They keep the interior of your vehicle clean and show pride of ownership.