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Protect your vehicle from rocks and road debris by adding a set of Stainless Steel Rocker Panels by Putco.

Each rocker panel kit includes custom panels designed to fit both sides of your vehicle.  Varying to fit your specific vehicle, they range in size from 5 to 7 inches wide.  They offer excellent protection, as well as adding a customized style to your vehicle. 

Made of high quality, polished 304 stainless steel, they are certain to enhance the look and value of your vehicle.  Putco’s stainless steel rocker panels come in sets of 8 to 14 pieces, so each side of your vehicle is adequately protected.  They are made to fit the specific contours of your vehicle for a snug fit.

Installation could not be easier.  Simply make sure your vehicle is clean, dry and free of all oil, grease and wax for proper adhesion.  Then align the pieces of the rocker panel on your vehicle to determine the exact location before removing the backing of the tape.  Then the rocker panel can be attached with the pre-applied 3M ™ automotive tape and pressed into place.  A coating of high quality automotive wax will keep your stainless steel rocker panel looking brand new for years to come.

Putco guarantees its stainless steel products against defects in workmanship and material for as long as your own your vehicle, so you can’t go wrong with these good looking rocker panels.   Custom fit applications are available for today’s most popular trucks and SUVs.

Chrome Trim

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Nothing dresses up your vehicle better than Chrome Trim.  Even if you buy the bottom of the line, plain Jane car, truck or SUV, just add a few pieces of chrome trim, and you’ll transform your boring ride into a show piece!

Putco makes a full line of chrome accessories for almost any make or model of vehicle on the road today.  You can “bling up” your minivan as easily as your Camaro.  EVERY car looks good with a little chrome trim.

Putco’s chrome trim is made of Automotive Grade ABS chrome.  Most ABS chrome is “chromed” plastic.  You may think “chromed plastic…how cheap”.  But this is the same type of chrome used by most major automotive companies.  Not only does it look good and wear well, it’s super easy to install.  And no one will know it’s chromed plastic (except you!). 

Each piece of Putco Chrome Trim comes with installation instructions, as well as an alcohol pad.  You simply wipe down the area where you’re going to install the trim with the alcohol pad until it’s clean, and allow it to dry thoroughly.  Then line up the chrome trim to make sure you know exactly how it’s supposed to fit.  This step is VERY important, because once you attach the chrome, it’s not coming off.  That’s because Putco uses 3M Brand tape, which is super adhesive, so make sure you line up the chrome properly before installing.

After you’re certain where to properly attach the chrome trim, simply remove the 3M tape from the back of your trim, align, then press into place.  It’s that simple!  You’ve instantly increased the value and appearance of your vehicle!

You can accessorize the exterior and interior of  your vehicle with Putco’s extensive line of chrome accessories.  It also makes a great gift for anybody on your gift-giving list.  It’s affordable, easy to install, and makes your ride look awesome.  What a great gift for any car lover!


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1957 Chevy bel air

1957 Chevy bel air


What does a 57 Chevy and a 2009 Ford F150 have in common? What can make your old truck look new again?  What is the hottest trend to hit the automotive market in years?  The answer to all of these questions are the same…….. CHROME…..

More and more truck owners have found the way to add a bit of bling to their vehicle through chrome accessories.  Whether it be, just a door handle, or a bumper to bumper chrome makeover, chrome is the latest and greatest trend to hit the market. 

Chrome accessories, run the spectrum from door handle inserts  and headlight trim to the full gamut of Grille inserts, Tubular assist steps, wheel covers , mirror caps brushed grill guards, and exhaust tips. Whether you drive a 1984 Dodge W150 pickup or a 2009 Ford F-250, truck chrome can be a cost effective way to personalize your vehicle to fit your personality and your budget. 

Sales of chrome trim have sky-rocketed by more than 73% between 2004 and 2005.  GM has come up with improved chrome accessories that will be displayed at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas in November of 2009.

Why the sudden increase? And just when did chrome become hip again? Chrome has been used over the years with different meanings.  Ice Cube said in the movie “Robin Hood,”,  “Now I gotta follow him home with the chrome.”   Or, how about “I’m sitting on chrome” sang by Master Ace.  Chrome, in it’s slang sense means hot or fine… “Man that dog is chrome…” And let’s not forget Paul Simon’s  1973 hit, Kodachrome.  Chrome has been a staple of the 20th century. 

But how did chrome begin?  In the early 1900’s top line coach builders would use brass and later bright nickel to personalize their vehicles.  In 1929 Cadillac was the first to use chrome plating on its vehicles.  The 1931 Cadillac V-16, featured a distictive chrome wire mesh grille that is still modeled today.  Chrome trim is a part of our heritage and it will never really go out of style.

Chrome plating , or otherwise referred to as just chrome, is achieved by applying a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal base surface.  The chromed layer can be decorative, provide corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, and increase surface hardness.  Today, chrome can keep a showroom finish if maintained properly.

A inexpensive way to add just a bit of chrome trim to your ride is to add chrome door handles to your doors. These are easy to install with double stick adhesive tape, and will last for years. Want to make the biggest impact with chome?  Then oversized wheels are the way to go.  Imagine your Excursion with 22” chrome wheels…  Bug shields, which protect not only your windshield and hood are an excellent way to add some chrome.  Chrome bug shields protect your truck from the bugs and dirt that hit your car while driving. 

When buying chrome accessories, it’s important to choose a reputable supplier. Do they have a large supply of truck chrome? Look for a company that provides you a toll free number, in case you need to contact them. How long have they been in business? Look at several different brand names, and how the product installs.  Does the company charge you shipping and how are returns handled? These are all important things to consider when spending your dollar especially in tough economic times.