Prestige Fender Flares

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At Prestige Fender Flares, they manufacture high quality fender flares for domestic trucks, SUVs and Jeeps.  Made of OEM approved ABS plastic, their line is known for its ease of installation, durability, precise fitment to the vehicle and customer satisfaction.  A very important factor for you to consider is inventory - Prestige has almost all parts in stock and  most of their orders are processed and shipped the same day they are received, so you can get your vehicle styled up asap.

Available in three popular styles:

Prestige Street Style flares bring you a neat and seamless styling to your vehicle. This style is perfect for customers who prefer the sleek and clean line accessory that blends in well and looks like it come from the factory. This flare is also effective to keep your vehicle clean and protected from road debris and most harsh outdoor environment. All of Prestige fender flares come with an optional smooth finish which you can easily custom paint it to match your vehicle for a factory look. Textured finish is also available for this style.

Prestige Extra Wide fender flares are excellent on 4×4 trucks, SUVs or Jeeps with a larger wheel and tire package. The extra coverage on the tires ensures the right proportion of the vehicle body and protects the body from rock and road debris, keeping paint damage to a minimum. Depending on your vehicle, the extra 4-6 inches of coverage is also a perfect quick fix for rusted fenders without expensive paint and body work. Last but not least, this style of flare updates the older model vehicles with wide-body look that often comes from newer models.

Prestige Rivet style flares provide an extra coverage on trucks with larger wheel and tire packages. The Rivet style flares come with stainless steel nuts and bolts which gives the vehicle an industrial and aggressive styling without the hassle of actually drilling to the fenders. Prestige’s rivet hardware is made of 100% stainless steel and have passed the rust test under strong acidic water. Prestige Rivet style flares update your vehicle with an awesome wide-body look and shield your vehicle from road debris. The extra width of the flares is also a great and quick fix for covering the rusted fenders.


Made of Top Quality ABS Plastic

All styles are available in smooth or textured finish – a Prestige exclusive

All styles and finishes are paintable

Covers rust and fender blemishes

All flares are identified with individual embossed part number

Fade and color resistant to UV rays

Premium hardware is included with each kit for dependable performance

NO drilling required

Designed for perfect fit

5 year limited warranty

Whether your vehicle is old or new, Prestige has a fender flare to fit your needs.


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Whatever vehicle you have, Bushwacker has a fender flare for you.  Bushwacker makes some of the best flares on the market today.  With Bushwacker Fender Flares, you get 5 great options and looks.  Here are the styles to choose from:

Cut-Out Fender Flares allow you to “cut open” the wheel well to accomodate larger wheel and tire packages, giving you a bold look and aggressive style.   

Pocket Style Fender Flares give you the bold look of pockets without cutting or drilling your vehicle. This exclusive line of flares installs using existing factory holes and gives the look of being bolted onto the vehicle. This flare provides 1” to 2” of tire coverage measured from the top-dead-center of wheel well sheet metal, depending on model.

Extend-A-Fender is a very popular flare. They blend with the lines of your vehicle for a terrific look that’s bold enough to turn heads, yet trim enough to go anywhere. With 1 – 3 inches of coverage, depending on make and model, this  flare gives you added protection from the elements, and an exciting look at the same time.  

OEM style fender flares provide additional tire coverage, helping to keep mud and road debris off the vehicle.  This popular concept is used for a variety of reasons and on a host of applications. These fender flares have custom molded attachments that mount securely into the wheel well openings of trucks and SUVs.

Street Flares were designed to add body style, while offering minimal coverage, giving your vehicle that custom limited edition look at a fraction of the cost. The tasteful, low-profile styling of these flares make them a perfect match for factory tire and wheel packages. With their unique design, they are a snap to install. The matte black finish is stunning as is – or paint it to blend with any color scheme. Street Flares extend your fender 1/2″ inches.

Bushwacker offers more than 400 different applications for worldwide distribution.  Fender flares offer a unique opportunity for individuals to customize their vehicle while not going to the expense of actual body side modifications.  Adding style to your ride has never been easier, thanks to Bushwacker!