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Gas prices continue to go up, and what better way to save on gas than purchasing a tonneau cover for your truck bed.  And one of the best tonneau covers on the market today is the Armor Lid Tonneau Cover

According to SEMA (the Specialty Equipment Marketers Association), “new tests confirm that hard tonneaus reduce the coefficient of drag of a moving pickup truck by an average of 6.5% or higher. These results, combined with recent pickup truck road testing, prove conclusively that adding a hard tonneau improves fuel economy by 6% – 9%, depending upon driving conditions”.  What does this mean in everyday language – installing a hard tonneau cover on your truck bed will pay for itself over time.

The Armor Lid Tonneau Cover features a patented 3-layer Triplex design with ArmorBond ™ technology that can withstand over 1000 lbs of evenly distributed weight on it’s top without failure.  It’s textured finish also resists scuffs and scratches, for years of use without looking used.

It’s sleek design forms to your truck’s bed, giving you a custom look…without the custom price.  It’s durable, lockable and water-tight, at almost 15% less than the leading competitor’s price. 

The lightweight, ABS material and quick release hardware allows you to quickly and easily removes your Armor Lid tonneau in about a minute.  Wall mount brackets are included with every cover so you can easily hang your Armor Lid on the wall when you’re not using it.

The contoured, custom fit and double bulb gasket that runs the perimeter of the Armor Lid means this cover fits water tight to keep your cargo safe and dry.  It also has dual twist locks that allow you to lock your Armor Lid with or without a key to protect your valuables.

Best of all, the Armor Lid has the best warranty in the business - 5 years!  The gas struts carry a 2 year warranty. 

Save yourself some money and purchase an Armor Lid Tonneau Cover today!


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If you’re like most truck owners, you don’t always carry lots of cargo in your truck bed.   Unless you’re a contractor, your truck bed is usually empty.  BUT, when you need to carry “stuff” , wouldn’t it be nice to have a sturdy, secure tool box?  Then you should try the BAK Box by BAK Industries.

This revolutionary tool box is there when you need it, but folds away when you don’t.  Made of double-sided composite materials, the BAK Box works with your BAK Flip tonneau cover to make the most versatile tool box you’ve ever seen.  In fact, your BAK Flip is the lid for the BAK Box.  You simply snap the BAK Box onto the rail of any BAK Flip tonneau cover, and fold it out for use.  When you close the BAK Flip, you’ve got a secure storage box.  In fact, when the BAK Flip is closed, you won’t even know the BAK Box is in your truck bed.  It’s sleek, low-profile design means its completely concealed – giving you peace of mind.

The BAK Box is not only a tool box, it can also hold groceries, gardening supplies, books, clothes….you name it.  It measure 10 inches wide x 11 inches deep, and is as wide as your truck bed (up to 65 inches), so you have lots of storage area.  A handy organizing tray is also included to hold smaller items.  And rubber edging withstands rain to keep your contents safe and dry when the lid is closed.

The BAK Box is also super strong.  It can hold up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight, allowing you to put heavy tools or supplies in it.  You can also sit or stand on it. 

If you need versatible, stylish, secure truck storage, take a look at the BAK Flip tonneau with a BAK Box….you’re sure to be impressed by both!


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The UnderCover tonneau cover is the premiere hard tonneau cover on the market today.  Based in Rogersville, Missouri, UnderCover is a division of E.D. Industries and has been in business for over 10 years.

The UnderCover tonneau is made from a very selected composite of ABS plastics and polymers. Unlike other plastic aftermarket accessories, the UnderCover is constructed to prevent warping and cracking from direct sunlight. While all composite materials expand and contract as a result of temperature changes, the UnderCover has been designed to keep this almost unnoticeable.

The team at UnderCover has spent hours and used the most technically advanced software, machines and equipment in the industry to make sure each cover fits perfectly. Although not completely waterproof, the UnderCover is watertight to insure cargo protection from outside elements.  A double seal perimeter gasket is installed all around with the front part having a flap that extends between the front bulkhead and the truck cab. This flap provides additional protection when opening the cover when water is on it and also while you are traveling in inclement weather.

The UnderCover helps improve gas mileage by reducing the “drag” from your truck bed.  Some estimates are up to 10% improvement in gas mileage by having a tonneau cover.  The UnderCover can also keep the cargo in your truck bed secure.  The locking system is comprised of a ‘wrap-over tailgate’ design, which locks the tailgate whenever the cover is down and locked. The lock is stainless steel and requires no adjustments or maintenance other that periodic lubrication. There are no cables or rotary latches that require adjustments. This assures reliable functionality in even the most rigorous situations.

UnderCover has three distinct models:  the original UnderCover Classic, the UnderCover SE, and the newest UnderCover SE Smooth.  The Classic model has a textured black finish that matches the black trim on your truck perfectly.  This low-profile cover looks great on a pick up like a Ford F150.  The UnderCover SE has a curved, aerodynamic end that matches the line of today’s newer truck beds, like the Chevy Silverado.  It has the same textured black finish as the Classic model.  The new UnderCover SE Smooth also has a curved end, and it’s paintable.  You’ll receive the SE Smooth with a plain finish that can be painted to perfectly match your vehicle at a local body.

All three models of UnderCover tonneaus are easily installed.  None of them require intrusive drilling into the bed of your truck – they can each be installed using a socket set or open-end wrenches.  If you need your truck bed open, the UnderCover can easily be removed in a simple, two-step process that takes about 15 minutes.  Each cover also comes with wall-mounting hardware so that you can hang it on your garage wall while not in use.  But with UnderCover’s good looks, cargo security and gas savings, you’ll want to keep it on your truck for years to come.

BakFlip CS Tonneau Cover

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If you have a truck, adding a tonneau cover to your bed is a no-brainer.  Truck drivers haul anything and everything from a load of groceries to a bed of lumber.  A tonneau cover protects your cargo from the blowing wind of road driving and the relentless  demands of wet weather. 

Tonneau covers keep your cargo out of sight from potential theft.  They provide an immediate improvement in gas mileage with tight aerodynamic materials, covering your otherwise drag prone open bed.  Tonneau covers can save you anywhere from 5-10% in fuel economy. 

The BakFlip CS is the newest generation of the original hard, folding multi-panel tonneau covers.  Whether your use of the BakFlip CS is for sport, recreation or work, combining the  heavy duty BakFlip tonneau cover with a sliding ladder rack combination solves any situation.  The BakFlip tonneau cover with rack system integrates an elegant 500 lbs sliding ladder rack and a BakFlip truck bed cover into one outstanding  product.  The BakFlip CS cover folds all the way forward up against the truck’s rear cab giving you access to all of your truck bed without having to remove  the cover.  The BakFlip is also removable with 2 fastening knobs and weighs only 40 lbs. Features an integrated adjustable & removable truck rack built into the BakFlip CS tonneau cover.

The BakFlip uses a tough textured aluminum paneled surface for all flat panel surfaces above and below the cover.  This incredibly durable panel has a double coat of  epoxy primer that is baked on at 460 degrees.  Once the primer has set,  a tough and scratch resistant polyester based coating is used as the final finishing coat.  The coating process ensures that the cover is both scratch and UV resistant.  It has a expandable polystyrene panel core and aircraft grade aluminum panel frames.  Textured finish.  It’s rated at 300 lbs if evenly distributed. 

Locking arms that replace hydraulic struts allow you to travel with the cover fully open without any additional support.  Pre-installed hook loops allow you to travel with the cover partially open as well.

It has intermittent locking positions, and an integrated drainage system builit into the rails.  Allows full access to stake pockets, and work with 5th wheel  hitches.

Designed to meet the needs of a hard locking cover and practical contractor rack combo,  BAK Industries believes that just because a truck is used for work, doesn’t mean it should look like a work truck. It is possible to elegantly craft rugged and strong products and still maintain a clean look of style. BAK endeavors  to produce products that are not only functional, but made to match OE lines and existing accents on your  pickup truck. All BAK products speak for themselves in terms of quality and appearance. Check out the BakFlip CS at

  • Rack & Hard Cover Combo: Designed to meet the needs of a hard locking cover and practical contractor rack combo. Featuring an integrated adjustable & removable truck rack built into the BakFlip G2 tonneau cover. Rack is made from Solid Steel uprights and aluminum cross members.
  • Complete BakFlip G2 Cover/Rack System: The Bak Flip G2 is a hard multi-panel truck bed cover.
  • Features of the G2 Bakflip tonno are: New Design-2nd Generation
  • 4 Panel System–Extremely Low Profile
  • Full 100% Truck Bed Access
  • Fast Install & Quick Removal
  • UV Protected
  • 500 LB Rack Capacity: Rack handles 500 lbs of weight. Add uprights and cross members for additional weight capabilities.
  • Sliding Tie Downs: Sliding tie-downs conveniently shift for optimum load handling.
  • Rack Removes In Seconds: Racks slide to front of truck bed or remove in seconds for a clean, stealth appearance.Cover is impact resistant and handles extreme weather conditions.
  • Cover & Rack Remove Independently:
  • Easy Removal: The cover and rack remove independently, so you can use one or the other or both. It’s your choice.
  • BAK Warranty: Made in USA and Featuring a full 2 year factory warranty.


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Free Tailgate Seal with a purchase of ANY AgriCover Tonneau Cover through June 30th, 2010.

 AgriCover, the leader in Roll-Up Tonneau covers, is now making you an offer you just can’t refuse—a FREE TrailSeal tailgate seal with ANY purchase of one of their great lines of tonneau covers – ACCESS ORIGINAL TONNEAU COVERLORADO, VANISH , TONNO SPORT and the economical LITE RIDER, just to name a few.

There are many great reasons to add a tonneau cover to your truck, but two great reasons are PROTECTION and GAS SAVINGS.  All AgriCover tonneau covers automatically lock into place with their AutoLatch system when they’re closed.  They also have a patented slide lock that offers additional locked protection for your cover.  You simply push to lock and pull to unlock.  It works great with a locked tailgate to give you ultimate truck bed protection. 

For gas savings, the AgriCover tonneau cover can’t be beat!  Here’s some recent data on the gas savings from the SEMA Research and Information Center:  According to a study conducted by Western New England College’s Department of Mechanical Engineers, “The best way to reduce drag, and thereby improve fuel efficiency for pickup trucks, is to add a tonneau cover.” Their study yielded gas mileage savings of 8% by adding a tonneau cover to your truck!!!

Not only are you protecting your valuables underneath the tonneau cover, but you are improving your overall gas mileage and ride. And again, for a limited time, you can get a FREE tailgate seal with your purchase of any AgriCover tonneau order.  The addition of the TrailSeal tailgate seal will create an airtight compartment to keep all the items you haul safe and dry.  

Time is running out though—get your order in by June 30th 2010 to take advantage of this great deal! As always, FREE SHIPPING on your AgriCover tonneau cover order!

What Tonneau Cover is Right for You?

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Until the late 1970s, no one had even heard of tonneau covers, also known as truck bed covers. A plastic tarp, the kind you buy at Wal-Mart, was what most of us used to keep the stuff in our truck beds away from the rain and wind. Then, in 1977 while working at a canvas company in Syracuse, Gerald Downey had an idea and constructed the world’s first aluminum framed tonneau cover. If you are considering a bed cover for your truck, this article will help you understand the benefits of a tonneau and the various types of covers available.

Benefits of a Truck Bed Cover
A tonneau has a multitude of benefits including protection of your cargo from the elements and theft. Those of you who have run into a down poor while hauling boxes, luggage and the like understand what a pain it can be. You load up your truck thinking, ”I’ll unload this before I get into rain”. The next think you know, you’re pulling to the side of the road fighting off the wind and rain trying to get your cargo inside your cab, if it will fit that is. How about those times you put a new purchase in your truck bed and ran into the grocery store for ”just a minute” only to return and find your new item was stolen. A tonneau can significantly help with both of these problems and is the primary reason they are purchased.

Another major benefit often overlooked is the savings a truck bed cover will deliver at the pump. That’s right….a tonneau will save you gas.  Between 5% and 10% according to several studies. Just do a little math and you’ll soon find your purchase will be paid for in just a few months. Take a truck that gets 15 miles to the gallon. If the driver travels, say 12,000 miles per year and gas costs $2.50 per gallon, he’ll save between $150 and $300 per year. Now considering that most trucks don’t even get 15 mpg and most drivers travel more than 12,000 miles per year, the savings can be even more substantial.

A tonneau cover can add substantially to the appearance of your truck and is a great way to hide your scratched up bed or the junk you haul around in it. I even use mine when I camp. I just roll out the sleeping bags under my roll-up tonneau. I can keep it unrolled to gaze at the night sky and quickly roll it up if the weather turns bad.

Finally, a truck bed cover adds to the resale value of your truck. In fact services like Kelly Blue Book indicate a tonneau can add anywhere from $100 to $200 to your resale value.

Types of Tonneau Covers
The benefits are obvious. The hardest decision is which cover is right for you. Your choice will depend primarily on two things: 1) Do you want a hard or soft cover; and 2) How much are you willing to spend.

Hard truck bed covers have traditionally been made of fiberglass. The benefits of fiberglass are appearance. Some of these covers, like those from A.R.E., are molded to include lines that complement your trucks appearance. In addition, fiberglass can be painted to match your vehicle. The downside of the fiberglass cover includes cost, proneness to damage, and weight. These covers typically cost between $800 to $2,000. In addition, they weigh between 80lbs and 150lbs requiring two men to remove them. They are easily scratched and can easily be damaged if dropped or if a heavy weight is placed on them, ie…your 5 year old son and his friends decide to play king of the hill.

A new breed of hard tonneau covers were introduced a few years ago and are made of a composite polymer (plastic). These covers have several major benefits over their fiberglass counterparts. Cost typically runs $650 to $800. These covers are also light weight. At around 58lbs, one of the most popular, the Undercover, can easily be removed by one man and hung on the garage wall. Finally, this new type of hard cover is very resistant to damage. I recently saw a demonstration where a sledge hammer was driven down on this cover and the only resulting damage were the sensitive ears of those around. They are super tough. Presently the biggest drawback to these covers is paintability. The first versions of these caps are black and come with a textured finish. They can be painted, but don’t have the smooth look of fiberglass. However, I am told that Undercover has recently introduced a smooth version of it’s top that can be painted and has the finish of fiberglass.

Soft covers, like those made by Extang and Downey, are the most popular of all due to their price and flexibility. If you’re not stuck on the smooth painted look of a hard cover, a soft cover is probably right for you. These covers come in a variety of styles starting with the traditional ‘’snap” or ”zip” covers. These products use detachable cross-bows to create a frame over your trucks bed and then the tonno is stretched and snapped into place. The snap cover is the entry level in soft tonneaus and comes with an attractive price tag starting at around $200.

The roll-up truck bed cover, like those made by Access Cover and TruXedo, offer much more functionality than a snap. The cross-bows of these covers ”roll-up” with the cover and secure to the front of the trucks bed in less than 20 seconds. In addition, they can be locked into place and cannot be opened without opening the tailgate. If you have a locking tailgate, the roll up provides much of the security a hard cover does. The roll-up has a clean taut look and uses ”tensioners” to keep the cover tight in all types of temperatures. If you’re willing to spend a little more, starting at around $350, I highly recommend this type of cover. In fact, it is the one I chose for my truck.

Other, less popular, varieties of soft truck bed covers including folding, aluminum and lift top to name a few.

In conclusion, the protection and fuel savings a tonneau cover offers are an easy purchase justification for any truck owner. The type of tonneau you should purchase will depend greatly on your budget and your need for looks and function.