Evolution CTS Performance Chip

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Gas prices are unpredictable.   One week they’re high…the next week they’re low. You cannot depend on it.  But we do have something you can depend on for improved gas mileage from Edge.

Have you ever had a performance chip? Ever thought about buying one? Maybe you thought it would be too hard to install or too expensive?  Do you really need one?  Edge is the leader in performance chips, and their Evolution CTS or CS are on the “Edge of Evolution”.

Whether you have a gas or diesel Dodge, Ford, or Chevy truck, you will love this chip. If you do a lot of driving, a performance chip will save you money in the long run.  If you’re towing and need more horsepower or just want better fuel economy, read about what the Evolution can do for you and your truck.

I like the Evolution CTS.  I love the touch screen and the high resolution display.  It’s very easy to use and install. Edge is known for being a leader in Performance chips. You will love this chip and here is why.

The Evolution CTS (Color Touch Screen) has a full color, high-resolution  4.3 inch touch screen device with an easy to navigate menu.  It’s light sensitive and automatically adjusts the screen brightness for easier viewing during the day.  The CTS has all the features of the CS, but also comes equipped with a video-in jack allowing users to connect to Edge’s start-of-the-art back up camera (which is sold separately) or a DVD player with an RCA jack.  The Evolution CTS improves fuel economy and towing capabilities by reprogramming your factory settings to improve power, performance and fuel efficiency.  It also doubles as a gauge display device and scan tool, providing vital information about the performance of your vehicle.   

The Evolution CTS can add up to 100 horsepower /210 ft lbs of torque on diesel vehicles and 40 horsepower /50 ft lbs of torque on gas models.   It adjusts for non stock tire sizes to display true speed.  It also monitors and displays diesel particulate filter status on new emission diesel vehicles.

The Evolution CTS is also easy to install.  The only tools you need are a flathead screw driver and a pair of pliers.  It comes with a handy windshield mount, OBD11 (diagnostic) cable, mini USB cable, and CD.  Simply connect the unit to your computer with the mini USB cable to update the CTS and customize the screen display to your liking.  Then follow the easy instructions to install the unit.  You can also purchase a Custom Dash Pod by Edge to give your CTS a built-in, OE look.

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