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Looking for an inexpensive way to dress up that new truck you just purchased?  Or maybe you’re adding that finishing touch to an older truck you just FINALLY paid off? How about adding some Oval Nerf Bars to it? It’s a great look and they are very functional. The days of only being able to purchase the standard 3” round bars are gone, and Oval Bars are IN and getting noticed! Most Truck manufacturers will add Oval Nerf Bars to some of their higher-end models to reel you in on the purchase of their truck. Why do they do this? Because it really adds a great look to the vehicle. However, have you looked at the sticker taped to the window of that nice, new truck? These great oval bars they added to your vehicle just cost you an additional $800-$1000 to your truck total?!! Why let them do this when you can purchase them online and pay a fraction of the price.  And there is no drilling, so installing them is a breeze.

 Don’t know which brand to buy that sells well, has a great warranty AND looks good? Try Raptor’s “Magnum” Line of Oval Bars.  

 What’s great is they are affordable and quite unique! Raptor set the standard in giving you the ultimate in Stainless Oval Bars by removing those pesky black end caps on the tips of your bars (that are notorious for falling off anyway) and actually polishing up the ends of the stainless steel bars, creating a beautiful look that’s sure to turn heads. As a matter of fact, Raptor makes the only  5” Oval Stainless Nerf Bar with the polished end caps on the market today.

 You can choose from Marine-Grade Polished Stainless Steel (backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty) or the sleek Black Powder-Coated Steel (backed by an almost unheard of 10 Year Warranty) Then, you can choose from a nice 4” Oval Bar or go for that rugged, off-road look and opt for the gigantic 5” Oval Bar (Stainless only). There are 2 lengths to choose from as well: Cab Length Oval Bar or what about a nice “Wheel-to-Wheel” Bar, where it extends out to the rear wheel well, giving you an extra step to boost you up into the bed of the truck? Most think they can’t afford a “Wheel-to-Wheel”, but that isn’t the case with Raptor Magnum “Wheel-To-Wheel”.  They have one of the lowest prices that you will  find for Stainless Steel “Wheel-to-Wheel’s” on the market today. With their low price tag, they would make a great gift for any truck owner in your family.

Small price tag, polished end caps (stainless only), 4” or 5” Oval design AND a limited Lifetime Warranty on Stainless/10 Year on Black….order a set today!

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