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I bought my daughter a truck bed mat for her 1999 Ford Ranger. Bed mats are custom made for most trucks and ours fit perfectly.  It is made of high grade, thick rubber.  We’ve had it for about a year now and it shows no signs of wear.  It has born up just fine under the Texas heat.  Because of the knobby underside, you don’t have to worry about rust or mildew.   

We bought it to protect the finish on the bed of the truck.  And it has done that fabulously.  The mat arrived on our front porch in a tight roll covered in bubble wrap.  It was so easy to install I did it without assistance from my husband.  I just had to throw it into the bed of the truck and flatten it out.  Not only does it protect the finish but it does add to the look of the truck.  It has a raised border around the edge that makes it look custom. 

Now we can haul all sorts of things – furniture, trash, plants, lumber, in the truck and not worry about damaging the finish. 

The fun part of all this is that now my daughter’s college friends all want to ride around in the bed of her truck.  So she can take a lot more people with her while driving around campus. 

Purchasing a truck bed mat has proved to be a very good and inexpensive way to protect and enhance the look of our truck.

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