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The UnderCover tonneau cover is the premiere hard tonneau cover on the market today.  Based in Rogersville, Missouri, UnderCover is a division of E.D. Industries and has been in business for over 10 years.

The UnderCover tonneau is made from a very selected composite of ABS plastics and polymers. Unlike other plastic aftermarket accessories, the UnderCover is constructed to prevent warping and cracking from direct sunlight. While all composite materials expand and contract as a result of temperature changes, the UnderCover has been designed to keep this almost unnoticeable.

The team at UnderCover has spent hours and used the most technically advanced software, machines and equipment in the industry to make sure each cover fits perfectly. Although not completely waterproof, the UnderCover is watertight to insure cargo protection from outside elements.  A double seal perimeter gasket is installed all around with the front part having a flap that extends between the front bulkhead and the truck cab. This flap provides additional protection when opening the cover when water is on it and also while you are traveling in inclement weather.

The UnderCover helps improve gas mileage by reducing the “drag” from your truck bed.  Some estimates are up to 10% improvement in gas mileage by having a tonneau cover.  The UnderCover can also keep the cargo in your truck bed secure.  The locking system is comprised of a ‘wrap-over tailgate’ design, which locks the tailgate whenever the cover is down and locked. The lock is stainless steel and requires no adjustments or maintenance other that periodic lubrication. There are no cables or rotary latches that require adjustments. This assures reliable functionality in even the most rigorous situations.

UnderCover has three distinct models:  the original UnderCover Classic, the UnderCover SE, and the newest UnderCover SE Smooth.  The Classic model has a textured black finish that matches the black trim on your truck perfectly.  This low-profile cover looks great on a pick up like a Ford F150.  The UnderCover SE has a curved, aerodynamic end that matches the line of today’s newer truck beds, like the Chevy Silverado.  It has the same textured black finish as the Classic model.  The new UnderCover SE Smooth also has a curved end, and it’s paintable.  You’ll receive the SE Smooth with a plain finish that can be painted to perfectly match your vehicle at a local body.

All three models of UnderCover tonneaus are easily installed.  None of them require intrusive drilling into the bed of your truck – they can each be installed using a socket set or open-end wrenches.  If you need your truck bed open, the UnderCover can easily be removed in a simple, two-step process that takes about 15 minutes.  Each cover also comes with wall-mounting hardware so that you can hang it on your garage wall while not in use.  But with UnderCover’s good looks, cargo security and gas savings, you’ll want to keep it on your truck for years to come.

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  1. The wall mounting feature ensure that when not in use, your investment doesn’t get destroyed. Awesome.

    Comment by Zack — July 23, 2010 #

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